Gold Coast Termite Inspections & Termite Treatments

Termite Inspections & Termite Treatments for Gold Coast homes is our specialty. We provide obligation free quotes for a variety of termite treatments including termite monitoring and baiting, chemical termite barriers and termite dusting. We offer a number of  termite warranty and termite insurance options for your peace of mind and are available for emergency termite call outs.

Termite Inspections Gold Coast

Termites or white ants as they are sometimes called because of their appearance can do devastating damage to a house before the home owner is alerted. Sometimes they can be very difficult to detect and that is why you need professional termite technicians who have been treating termites for many years and are qualified to do the job.

Unfortunately, there are so many areas in a house that termites can forage and conceal themselves without anyone knowing. The termites may be in the early stages of infestation and may not have created any visible damage; but that doesn’t mean that they’re not lurking within your walls.

Because termites are a silent enemy, hiding quietly and unnoticed in your home, you naturally will find it difficult to believe that your beautiful home could be in danger from these destructive pests right now and you don’t know it. It is our mission to show you how we can protect your home from suffering tens of thousands of dollars in damage repairs.

Why are we the best? Experience, attention to detail and ongoing training are a big part of why but also our passion, we care about our work and we understand how important your investment is to you and how stressful having termites can be.

So you’ve found termites, what now?

The No 1 rule is Do not disturb them!! Contact us for assistance on 1300 819 693, 0755 362 701 or after hours on 0434 686 890 and don’t worry, we have a range of solutions available that will suit almost any budget.

What will we do?

Each problem is unique because the construction of each house is unique, we will fully asses your problem by doing a complete Termite Inspection using the most modern termite detection equipment available, such as the Termatrac T3i, Thermal Imaging, Moisture Meters and Borescopes, we will provide you with an electronic report, in an easy to read format, with our detailed analysis including colored photographs of our findings at the property. We will also provide you with our written recommendations for solving your termite problem and a quote for the solutions to complete the work.


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