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Complete termite inspection

Do you have Termites?

Termite or white ants as they are sometimes called because of their appearance can do devastating damage to a house before the home owner is alerted. Sometimes they can be very difficult to detect and that is why you need professional termite technicians who have been treating termites for many years and are qualified to do the job.

Unfortunately, there are so many areas in a house that termites can forage and conceal themselves without anyone knowing. The termites may be in the early stages of infestation and may not have created any visible damage; but that doesn’t mean that they’re not lurking within your walls.

Because termites are a silent enemy, hiding quietly and unnoticed in your home, you naturally will find it difficult to believe that your beautiful home could be in danger from these destructive pests right now and you don’t know it. It is our mission to show you how we can protect your home from suffering tens of thousands of dollars in damage repairs.

Why are we the best? We care about your investment as if it were ours. We hate seeing termite damage so much so that we have waged war against termites and have teamed up with Termite Repair Guru to get the job done. Some of our weapons include the latest T3i Termatrac technology and thermal imaging for detecting the hard to find termites or White ants for your peace of mind at a competitive price.

So you’ve got termites! Don’t worry we can solve your termite problem on any budget, there’s a solution that’s far better then a can of Mortein. Get some advice and decide for yourself.

No 1 rule is Don’t disturb them!! Now if you did, don’t worry we just need to find them again.

What we can do.

We can solve this termite problem by using modern techniques and technologies. Knowledge and research into how to control termites are always improving and it is important to me to keep up to date with the knowledge so that we can give you the best treatment options suitable for your budget and the design and structure of your house. Our termite company is committed to ongoing training and utilising advanced technologies and techniques, by attending supplier and industry demonstrations held at annual Pest Management Conferences held every year.

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