There are a number of options available for the treatment and control of termites in and around buildings but before proceeding with any Termite Treatment, it is critical to asses the full extent of the termite infestation and damage by having a Termite Inspection and possibly an Invasive Inspection carried out by a fully licensed and insured Pest Management Technician.

What does a Termite Inspection involve?

Our professional Pest Management Technicians conduct a thorough visual Termite Inspection in accordance with Australian Standards by inspecting all accessible areas of the property including Inside, Outside, Sub-floors, Roof voids, Garden sheds, Gardens, Fences and Timber retaining walls.

Termite Inspection Gold Coast

Following your Termite Inspection, our Technician will discuss their findings with you and highlight any problems, areas of concern or conducive conditions. We will then email you a digital Termite Inspection Report within 24 hours, in an easy to read format, with a detailed analysis, including colored photographs, of our findings and if required, a proposal with our Termite Treatment recommendations.

Buy your future home with confidence with a detailed Building & Pest Inspection report

What Termite Treatment options are available?

The method of Termite Treatment used is dependent on a number of factors including but not limited to the location and species of termites, the construction of the building, environmental conditions and budget.

The four most common methods of Termite Treatment are Termite Baiting, Termite Dusting, Termite Foaming and Chemical Barriers.

Termite Baiting

We work with all of the major Australian Termite Monitoring and Baiting brands including Exterra, TermatriX, Nemesis and Sentricon AlwaysActive.

Termite Dusting

Dusting termites involves puffing a dust into termite mud leads to coat the termites present in the dust which is then carried back along the leads and transferred to other termites along the way. In order for dusting to be effective, a significant amount of termites have to be coated with dust, this is a long and meticulous process that requires a high degree of activity in the leads.
Termite Treatment

Termite Foaming

Due to it’s expanding nature, a termiticide foam is typically be used to treat areas that would otherwise be difficult to effectively apply termiticide to control termites, such as wall cavities and other hard to access areas.

Chemical Barrier

The soil surrounding the perimeter and sub-floor of the building is chemically treated to eradicate termites trying to gain entry inside the building. This is often known as a Chemical Barrier or Treated Zone and dependent upon the soil type, the slab construction and sub-floor situation this treatment may not be ideal for a chemical treatment. The chemicals used may vary from house to house and owners preference to eco-friendly chemicals.

What is the difference between Termite Treatment and Termite Protection?

Termite Treatment is focused on treating and eliminating active termite colonies from your property whereas Termite Protection is focused on preventing active termites from infesting your property and minimising termite damage.

What type of Termite Protection can we provide?

The type of Termite Protection that we would recommend for your property is dependent upon a number of conditions including the building construction and your budget. The Termite Management Systems we use include Chemical Termite Barriers using market leading products such as Termidor or Termite Mointoring and Baiting Systems, there are several major brands available in Australia that we work with including Exterra, TermatriX, Nemesis and Sentricon AlwaysActive.

What should you do if you’ve found termites?

The No 1 rule is do not disturb them!

Contact us immediately for assistance on 1300 891 693, 0755 362 701 or after hours on 0434 686 890 and don’t worry, we have a range of solutions available that will suit almost any budget. Don’t panic if you have disturbed them, our technicians will still be able to help.

What will we do?

We will fully asses your problem by doing a complete Termite Inspection using , we will provide you with an electronic report, Visual Termite Inspection Report AS3660, in an easy to read format, with our detailed analysis including colored photographs of our findings at the property and a separate quote with our recommendation and the options available to solve your termite problem.

Why choose us?

Experience, attention to detail and ongoing training are a big part of why but also our passion, we care about our work and we understand how important your investment is to you and how stressful having termites can be.

All of our Pest and Termite Inspectors are fully qualified, licensed in both QLD and NSW, insured and hold National Police Certificates and use the most modern termite detection equipment available, such as the Termatrac T3i, Thermal Imaging, Moisture Meters and Borescopes

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