Case Study – Broadbeach Waters Termite Treatment

Exterra termite baiting systemLast Week Pest Guru has just finished a Termite Inspection and Termite Exterra Baiting System Install. The termites were found by the home owner in the garage.

The owners rang other Pest Control Companies for quotes to do a Chemical Barrier and so when I had gotten there they had there mind set on a chemical barrier which is the most well known Post Construction Termite Management System. The problem was that for a chemical barrier to be effective it must be continuous right around the perimeter of the house and this house has areas where brick fences abutting the structure. Also the rear of the house had a 2 metre drop down to the ground level so the slab was 2 metres above that. A chemical Barrier was never going to work in this instance.

When you have found termites and you are seeking information it is best to understand how a system works and what are the benefits of the system. My clients at Broadbeach Waters did exactly that and the solution to their problem was Exterra baiting System.

The Exterra Baiting System is the worlds leading termite management system and the reason why is this they have developed a termite baiting station that termites find irresistible to eat and they have formulated a granule that omits CO2 into the ground much like a tree would. This increases the effectiveness of the baiting station to 2 1/2 metres in diameter therefore when we place a station every 3 metres around the perimeter of the property we are actually creating an interception zone, so we will intercept the termites before they come into the house.

To find out more about how this system works for your homes circumstances or you want some no obligation advice call Pest Guru 0434686890

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