Building & Pest Inspections

Building and Pest InspectionOne of the most important investments a person makes in their lifetime is a home and just like you might get your car inspected by a mechanic so should you have your home inspected by a qualified building inspector and Pest Inspector. You might think on the surface that the house looks great that their can’t be anything wrong with it, but in reality defects and termites can be hidden and only a trained eye that has seen it all before can find problems that might help you make your purchasing decision or might even help you negotiate some more off the price. Either way you benefit and you can sleep at night knowing that you have made an informed purchasing decision.

How do I find inspectors that are reputable?

Ask to see current insurance and a recent reports that the inspector has done. Also never get one inspector to do both Building and Pest they must specialise and more importantly they must be still building so they can give you an estimate and still be treating termites cause these guys are better equipped and better trained. Also 2 sets of eyes are better than one. So instead of having one guy there for maybe an hour you could have 2 guys onsite for 2 hours totaling 4 man hours on an average size home. So it’s important to have an inspection done but it is also very important who you choose.

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