how to Identify termites from carpenter ants

Identify termites from Carpenter Ants

Most of the time people coming in bringing us the swarming carpenter ants. the first question is are they termite? do I have termites in my house? the way that we can tell the difference between the two is that the termite has a full body where the ant has a pinched waste, so you see the distinct gap between the two section of abdomen, also the termite has four wing of equal length where ants has four wings with the front wings being longer than the hind wings.
The other way to Identify termites & you can tell is that ants has elbowed antenna where the termite has straight antenna, these are very small so we have to use magnification in order to see quite well. The carpenter ant can be black depending on the species & they are not all large they are what called polymorphic so they’re all different sizes within the colony.

identify termites

How to Eliminate termites & carpenter ants

A carpenter ant make their way inside the ant bait station where the worker ants carry back the bait to larval stage and a larval stage feed the entire colony which eliminate with the bait products. So there are many bait product you can buy & place in front of the ants so they take it to their colony. There are also sprayed foam that you can buy & use on the opening on the ant colony so to close the way they enter your home.

For out side, we have a granular bait that works very well for more than 13 types of ants & Carpenter ants are the primary target for this advance granular. You can use this product on looseness around the trees that would create entry point or direct route into the structure for the ants, so you can put it around the base of the structure or around the trees where the ants can pick it up & take it back to the colony & eliminate the colony.

And as for termites we have the same baiting system call Exterra baiting system that we provide for our clients & the way it works is by putting bait all around the property in the ground so the termites infest them & wont enter the property at least for a year.

We offer the best termite solutions & termite inspection.