Is having a termite inspection a waste of money?

CSIRO have stated that 1 in 3 homes in South East Queensland have had termite issues. These statistics tell us that home owners should be vigilant as termite problems often occur and they don’t discriminate by suburb or wealth. However, most homeowners that we have researched believe it will never happen to them, the concern is not even on their radar.

Some of the most common reasons why home owners don’t get regular termite inspection are:

My house is brick on slab construction there is nothing for them to eat and no access for them into my house.

  • I have termites in my backyard feeding on some old stumps so while they are feeding on them they are happy to not be feeding on my house.
  • There aren’t any leaks anywhere in my house and termites are attracted to moisture so I mustn’t have them
  • I have concrete around my house and that will keep them away
  • I have ants and ants kill termites so there won’t be any termites on my property.
  • I had an inspection 10 years ago and they gave me the all clear then.
  • I have a termite physical barrier at my house was installed when the house was built and that will stop termites. I don’t need an inspection.

If you have ever thought any of these, I encourage you to think again.
According to Dave from Pest Guru “if you think along these lines you are not alone”. He says “there are many common misconceptions out there and ‘everyone is an expert’, but the truth is that even the scientists and entomologists are still learning new information all the time. Termites conceal themselves very well. Only an expert will find the undesirables in your home”.

Many people have their reasons NOT to have regular termite inspections, but why risk your greatest investment? Sadly, many wait until it is too late and then they wish they had regular inspections.

The average cost of termite repair is $15000. Dave’s best advice is to make getting a termite inspection a priority, for as little as $200 it could save you thousands.

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