Termite Inspections Gold Coast

Our qualified Pest Inspectors conduct a thorough visual termite inspection to Australian Standards by inspecting inside, outside, fences, garden sheds, sub-floor, roof void, gardens and timber retaining walls.
Pest Inspection Dog
Mack our termite inspection dog can detect live termite activity even if the infestation is new without any serious damage – importantly before a human can detect it.
Detecting live termites through solid structures like solid floors and walls can save time and money.

Well trained scent hounds, like Mack, have extremely sensitive noses and have an accuracy rate of up to 97% in detecting live termite infestations on the Gold Coast.

After conducting a thorough inspection we do a non-invasive inspection using a Borescope camera that allows us to “see” inside your walls. This can be done near high-risk areas such as bathrooms where excessive moisture may be present.

Termite activity can be treated using a dusting, foaming or baiting product.

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