Termite treatment cost in Gold Coast

Any termite treatment start with a termite inspection, so before jumping to calculating termite treatment cost we have to look at inspection costs first. Different companies provide their services with different prices, this is mostly depends on how well they complete their task & how many days they guarantee their work. Here we provide a complete inside & outside inspection with latest tools & technology like, Thermal Imaging Camera, Termatrac that has moist detector & Sonar radar & finally with the use of our heavily trained Termite Detection Dog. All these are performed by highly experienced team. You will be given a complete report at the end.

We provide two termite inspection: Standard & Premium Cost $220 & $270 Respectively for houses under 40sqr. For bigger houses give us a call to get your estimate.

Termite Treatment Cost

Types of termite treatmentsFocus-Exterra

There are many types of termite treatment & termite management available, all of them consist for eliminating existing termites by either chemical materials or by Eco-friendly products that won’t harm any thing even your beloved pets. The Termite treatment cost for these solutions may be higher than expected. Here we use the most effective yet Eco-friendly termite management systems. The second part of all treatments is to remove any access for termites to in or outside of your property, this simply means that the existing termites will get stock inside & will die eventually because they no longer have access to the soil & moisture outside & no outside termites can enter your building at least for a guaranteed period.

  • Termite Baits & Termite Baiting systems:

           This is by far one of the most effective way of controlling termites, it doesn’t matter what type of pesticide you use, termites will be back to your home. Baiting system is prevention for termite entry in the first place. The most famous Termite Management System we use is Exterra Baiting system. We dig the ground around the perimeter & will add timber pillars & a material called Focus to extend the effectiveness of this baits, so termites will infest the pillars & won’t enter your property at least for a year.

  • Chemical PesticidesPlacing Exterra

          There are many chemical pesticides pest control companies use to prevent termite to enter the soil. They mix the liquid with the soil under your house foundation & this will prevent the termites to exit the house to access water or moisture to live on so they will die eventually. We do not recommend these solutions as they are not green solutions & may harm environment or your pets.

  • Building Improvement & Protection:

           There are many termite barriers we can add to your property against termite infestation.

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