CSIRO Termite recommendations

Update:: The CSIRO website now states “We no longer do research in termites or wood borers and cannot help with queries about managing pests in your home.”


In as little as 12 months termites could destroy your home if undetected and untreated.
Termites actually destroy thousands of homes around Australia each year.
What can you do about it?
According to the CSIRO termites are attracted to

  • Wood
  • Water
  • Prefer humid conditions

Termites eat away at the frame of a home as they love to nest and feed on wood particles. This can severely weaken the foundation of a property leaving it open to serious wear and tear.

Homes should have regular inspections of all accessible timber and potential termite entry points.
The human eye finds it very difficult to detect or spot termites especially when they are hiding or living within timber frames or crevices.
Protect your home by using a qualified experienced pest control expert!

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